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Facial Cosmetic Surgery in Edmonton

Our luxury center in Edmonton focuses on everything our clients need to achieve a beautiful, healthy and a revitalized life. We combine anti-aging, plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancement to optimize your external beauty and internal health.

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Giving a person the ability to see
their own beauty is the greatest gift
I can give.

Dr. Andrew Mather

Naturally you.

At Gateway Surgery, we believe that you are already beautiful and Dr. Mather, by placing an emphasis on facial rejuvenation surgery, wishes to help you enhance and express the beauty you already possess. So when it comes to addressing your facial estheic needs, Dr. Mather believes that all measures must be taken to preserve what is so precious to each individual, those unique qualities that make you “you”. With a tailored approach to every detail, treatment is centred around your wishes to produce a more revitalized and attractive outer expression of your inner beauty.


Reverse the signs of aging and restore a more youthful and refreshed facial appearance.

Dr. Mather’s contemporary approach to addressing the signs of aging and turning back the clock has resulted in a new paradigm for cosmetic enhancement called True Form Rejuvenation. The True Form difference is a comprehensive facial rejuvenation procedure correcting wrinkles and sagging skin, restoring youthful contours and shape by eliminating the hollows and depressions and refreshing aged skin to leave a revitalized and beautifully healthy glow.

One look at the results from True Form Rejuvenation reveals the pinnacle of facial cosmetic surgery with a more natural look and a truly rejuvenated appearance.

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Define Yourself

Imagine looking in the mirror and being truly delighted in what you see, knowing that your outer appearance finally expresses the vitality, elegance and confidence of who you really are. Facial cosmetic surgery is all about helping you become a more confident version of yourself.

Natural Results

Dr. Mather can help you to achieve the esthetic improvement you desire and restore a fresh and natural appearance – without looking overdone. Whether age-reversing facelift surgeries, or complementing feature-enhancing procedures your treatment will be tailored to reinforce your own natural beauty. By  focusing on treatment of the face Dr. Mather is able to provide specialized care to each and every individual to actualize the best possible version of themselves, restoring a sense of self-assurance and comfort in their own skin.

“A certain kind of respect, trust and appreciation has to exist between us when working on such an
intimate level. Together we will create a refreshed and stunning new you.

Dr. Andrew Mather


Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Mather can help you to achieve the esthetic improvement you desire, with contemporary surgical and non-surgical procedures we will determine the best plan to highlight your most beautiful features by smoothing wrinkles, lines, and folds, for a balanced, natural and youthful appearance.

Patients who have only mild signs of aging or who are not ready to undergo a surgical procedure there are a broad spectrum of non-surgical treatments available today, which can enhance our facial features, address fine lines and wrinkles, crows feet, loss of facial volume to restore balance to our facial proportions. After just one visit, our goal is to help your facial skin look young, firm and naturally refreshed.


Facial Rejuvenation


It’s time to see yourself

Revitalize your tired eyes with
eyelid surgery and receive a
complimentary facial peel.

Your face deserves a specialist. As a certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, Dr. Mather has spent a career devoting himself to the perpetual pursuit of esthetic beauty to meticulously create refreshed and natural-looking results. After completing his specialty training, Dr. Mather has taught under some of the leading facial cosmetic surgeons, learning directly from them to to acquire a capable variety of facial cosmetic surgery. This self-motivated education and training has enabled Dr. Mather to acquire an extensive variety of facial enhancement techniques to provide individualized treatment to bring out the inherent beauty of each of his patients.