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Nurturing Success

To create successful and lasting recovery for patients with eating disorders you need a strong, experienced and compassionate team. The impact extends far beyond the individual – it extends to families, friends, and even health care providers. All are critical participants in EDCare’s team approach to creating recovery, and each needs expert advice and caring support.

Critics Call United Airlines’ Leggings Incident Body Shaming.

“It can call a lot of attention onto the individually in ways that can feel shaming and can feel derogatory,” said Jennifer Batson, a psychologist and primary therapist at EDCare.

EDC Announces Name Change to EDCare and New Website

The Eating Disorder Center of Denver, Kansas City, and Colorado Springs has officially changed its company name to EDCare.

EDCare Releases 2017 Experience Calendar

EDCare’s 2017 Experience Calendar is a supportive companion through your monthly challenges, reminding you of all the wonderful things life has to offer. Click here to download.

More Permanent Change

We treat patients over the age of 18 with evidence-based methods proven to help patients successfully engage in recovery, and reduce the occurrence of relapse. We get to the root of eating disorder triggers, even in the most complex cases. Our comprehensive treatment team includes board-certified psychiatrists, primary therapists, registered dietitians, family therapists, and milieu therapists. Within 48 hours of admission, patients are implementing evidence-based treatment plans designed to fit their unique needs.

Our proprietary treatment approach empowers patients through Connection, Acceptance, Mindfulness, Sense of Self, and Action (CAMSA®). EDCare’s approach includes the patient, their family, and their health care providers. By understanding the biological, psychological, social and spiritual issues that contribute to the eating disorder, patients can experience long-term recovery.






Flexible Treatment Options

Our compassionate experts deliver private care in three locations. Flexible treatment options help patients at every step on the path to recovery:

Intensive Outpatient

for patients ready to start practicing recovery skills outside of program

Evening Intensive Outpatient

for patients who need more than outpatient care and need more structured support

Partial Hospitalization Program

our highest level of care in a very structured program


providing ongoing support through both in-house and outside treatment providers

Connections House

a warm and inviting home for women in our Partial Hospitalization Program