Located in Montréal, Québec, Lumar Ideal manufactures and distributes food transformation equipment for butcher shops, supermarkets, meat plants and restaurants.

Manufacturers and Distributors since 1967

Commercial meat processing equipments manufacturer in Canada & USA

Lumar Idéal is a leading manufacturer of commercial meat processing equipment in Canada and in United States of America. The company has been serving butcher shops, steakhouses, restaurants & commercial kitchens with a wide array of devices. Lumar Idéal has distinguished itself in meat processing industry due to its ability to create sanitary and corrosion-resistant equipment.

Founded in 1967, Lumar Ideal continues to provide state-of-the-art commercial meat processing equipment to its customers, specifically designed to meet their unique market needs. We focus on integrity, are committed to safety and vouch for delivering quality results.

It all started with various models of meat tenderizers for commercial kitchens, butcher shops, meat processing plants, steakhouses, restaurants and supermarkets in eastern Canada and USA. Over the years, Lumar Idéal added other topnotch meat processing equipments, such as vacuum marinators and vacuum sealers to its offer. The company is now well established and growing all over Canada and the USA.

Lumar Ideal’s commercial meat processing equipments

Different kinds of equipment can be used in commercial meat processing. In many cases, this equipment must adhere to high quality standards to ensure the proper handling of the product by the manufacturers. Generally, meat processing machinery serves one of the following purposes: measurement, preparation, storage, packaging or cooking.

Measurement devices include weighing systems, thermometers, timers and other instruments to analyze components and machines in order to facilitate the performing and duplicating of the processing operations.

Preparation and cooking equipment includes conveyor systems, ovens, dispensing devices, mixing and cutting machines, and transport hoses. Preparation and cooking appliances require regular maintenance and cleaning to meet specific regulations.

Storage and packaging devices range from simple plastic wrapping to vacuum sealing and bottling. They help to protect and preserve meat, which is a temperature sensitive product, for future use or sale.

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