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Neyla Boukhili – Medical Student's Society

Neyla Boukhili


Our MSS student body is made of an amazingly diverse group of people with varying commitments (looking at you, clerks) and we know it will be impossible to have everyone attend every class event. Thus, our goal for the year is simple: to host a wide variety of social events so that everyone can have a great year with their classmates, no matter where their interests lie. As cheesy as it may sound, we want you guys to have the most fun possible with as many people as possible!

We’ll start by presenting the events that are already deep-rooted med traditions and how we can add to them, then we’ll move on to new ideas for the upcoming year!

Returning Events

  1. Frosh. Frosh has been a very successful event every year, and last year was no exception! We have heard amazing feedback ranging from the activities offered to the venues used. We would love to continue the wind of inclusivity by perpetuating the “dry” pub crawl event, and maybe even add to it by having a joint station with optional drinking. We would also love the upper year students who are willing and available to get involved. As such, we would open some of the events to them, and welcome any help coming our way.
  1. Halloween Party. Halloween is always a fun time, no matter where, no matter how… but, we’d love for the where & how to be with us! The Halloween Med/Law party has been around for as long as we can remember (please don’t hold our youth against us), and we think it might be time for a little makeover. We are more than open for discussions with the homologues over at the Law faculty and come up with ways to make the event more appealing to you (and us, to be quite honest)! On our side of things, we have already come up with a few ideas on how to achieve that, such as changing the venue, holding a costume contest and maybe organizing a way for medical students to get together before heading to the venue.
  1. MedGames. Here at McGill, we know we’re the best. Sometimes, we just have a hard time showcasing that to our fellow medical schools (*cough*medgames*cough*). But we have a feeling 2018 will be our time to shine, friends. How? It’s all about being ahead of the game guys. We would like to encourage people to get involved in the various competing teams as early as possible. By starting the process early, we’d ensure we have time to get organized, and not scramble for team members at the event. We would also try and work with the upcoming VP IT to have a platform where all the information about Medgames pertaining to McGill specifically  In all honesty, winning doesn’t even matter (well kinda, but not really really), it’s just about not sweating things over once we take the bus on our way to Québec! We would also obviously make sure goodies are as exciting as past years, and make sure the transport and hotel are sorted out so everyone has a great weekend.
  1. Internos. Internos is a fantastic night, is there really anything to add to it? Both of us were involved in organizing committees this year (Simon in Decoration, and Neyla in Entertainment & Promotion), so we have a fairly good grasp of how to go about handling the planning of this event. One thing that seemed to cause everyone a great deal of anxiety, however, was the ticket sale. We would love to hear feedback on how to improve it and explore alternatives. One way we thought of changing things was to allocate an equal amount of tickets to every class for the first round of ticket sale, and open the second one to everyone. Then, we would most probably proceed with a waitlist like this year, since that worked out perfectly in the end.
  1. Chez Meredith. Chez Mer’s is unequivocally one of the greatest realizations of our current MSS committee, let’s be honest! We would be honoured to help this baby grow and keep it a regular and recurrent event for the year to come. Obviously, inclusivity is of utmost importance to us. As such, we would love to see more options for drinks at the event, such as gluten-free drinks (for both our friends with celiac disease and those who just aren’t crazy about beer). We think it is also general opinion that food is an added value to any event (did anyone say grilled cheese?), so we’d love to work towards having that as part of the 5-à-7’s.


New Events

  1. Montreal’s 375th Anniversary. As born and raised Montrealers, we are beyond excited about all the events being organized for the city’s 375th. We would be more than happy to share all our favourite Montreal secret spots with you, and organize events in venues that would take us off the beaten tracks of the McGill area (aka everything between Guy and Parc, maybe St-Laurent if you’re adventurous)!
  1. McGill Med Faction for the “Guignolée des médias” and/or “Guignolée du Dr. Julien”. These are events we have both been heavily involved in in the past, and we’d love for everyone to get more information on what they can do around December and how to get involved, as well as make it easy for them to do so.

Getting the Clerks Involved. So obviously, we don’t expect upper year students to be able to make it to all our events. As such, we thought: why not have them participate to events from the hospitals – via social media? We are naturally open to suggestions because we ourselves don’t have an extensive knowledge concerning your schedules, but here are some things we thought might just work! Holding online contests, inter-class competitions, or just special “weeks” might be a way for us to do that (think Halloween, Hanukkah, Christmas, St-Paddy’s, Easter, etc.). This could easily be monitored through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn (?), MySpace (for the dinosaurs among us), Tinder (where is this going…), etc.

BIO – aka “new elections who dis”

Who is Neyla?

I will tell you all that I honestly cannot remember the last time I wasn’t on a council of some sort. Maybe it was in elementary school, because soon after that, I was Class Representative every year in high school, and eventually President of the student council (what a nerd, amirite?). I then went on to Dawson College, where I was on the executive organizing committee as Treasurer for the Fashion & Talent show for the two years I went there. Last year, in pre-med at McGill, I was elected VP Fundraising, and this year, well… I guess you could say I took a year off (albeit involuntarily), although as Local Officer for Reproductive and Sexual Health for CFMS this year, you could say I’m still in there.

Which brings us to now, because if you’re reading this it is NOT too late (no tears, Aubrey). I am running for the position of VP of Social Affairs alongside my dear friend Simon. I believe that together, we have the right set of skills and the sufficient expertise to make sure next year will be one for the books. As I partook in the positions I rattled down in the previous paragraphs, I have had to deal with the organization of events ranging from small fundraisers, to larger scale events like a fashion show or prom (I hear you snigger, but to that I say: Internos? Yeah I thought so too).

I sincerely hope I get to work with you all this year, and that together we can make every event as memorable as can be!



Who is Simon?

From a very young age, I have been involved in my community and always interested in events. During High School, I was in every school council and was elected the ambassador of my class of 250 students. As soon as I turned 18, things got a little bit wild – I got my bartender’s license and worked in a bar in Griffintown and in many festivals like Just For Laughs and the Jazz Festival or some more local venues like The Surf Swap Event. Being involved in these activities and jobs has helped me to make contacts that could benefit our faculty for various social events. Needless to say, by organizing events in the past, I learned how deal with last minute changes and stress, which is essential for a VP Social. I think being someone who is down to earth, who can easily find solutions and who is able to deal with stress would make me a perfect candidate.

After graduating from Cégep du Vieux-Montréal, where I led many activities such as student groups and sport activities, I made my way to McGill. In Med-P, I consider that I built beautiful relationships, not only with my classmates but with students in other classes (and upcoming Med-Ps!). Having good relationships with upper years would be essential in unifying all our classes together for different events and for promoting events for the entire MSS.

Also, Neyla and I have been friends since we started this program. I think we have a text message streak of 600 days. We know our strengths and we have worked together in the past by organizing some parts of Frosh for premed as well as being co-Frosh Leaders, hosting the Fashion Show together and been study partners and small group partners.

I am looking forward to work with you all and to make this year an unforgettable one!