Please consult the following documents to learn more information, as a candidate and as a voter!​

Election Announcement

For candidates:
Nomination Form
Campaign Guidelines

Learn about the positions and the MSS
Duties and Responsibilities of Elected Members
MSS Mid-Year Reports
MSS 2017-2020 Strategic Plan
MSS Structure

Nomination period

Start: Friday March 24th
End: Friday March 31st 11:59pm

Deadline to submit platform/text about you: Saturday April 1st 10am to elections.msscouncil@gmail.com (see campaign guidelines for more details)​

Campaign period

Start: Sunday April 2nd 9pm
Speeches: Tuesday April 4th 6:00pm
End: Friday April 7th noon (previously midnight)​

Voting period

Start: Friday April 7th 12:01pm (previously Saturday April 8th)
End: Wednesday April 12th noon (previously midnight)

​Candidates’ platforms will be available here from Sunday April 2nd to April 12th.

Voting explained

Each cohort elect their class council members, except for the graduating cohort. All students elect the executive council and the medicine senator.

For a role that has two positions (Class Representative and VP Social Affairs), you will have two votes. You must choose a different candidate for each vote – the order does not matter. Voting for the same candidate on both votes will cancel your entire ballot.

Osler’s empty chair (non-confidence) vote:
Starting this year, no candidates will be acclaimed in order to have a more democratic process. Even unopposed candidates require a vote of confidence by the MSS student body whereby you can either vote for the sole candidate or for the (figurative) empty chair of Sir William Osler. In the case where the Osler’s empty chair (non-confidence) votes outnumber the votes for the candidate, the candidate will not be elected and the MSS will run by-elections (special elections) to fill the position.

Abstention: Choosing to not vote for a position. Abstentions are not counted at all.

Please note that all the available positions are in fact part of the MSS General Council, which is composed of the MSS Executive Council and the four Class Councils.