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Executive President

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Vice-President Global Health Senior


Koray Demir

  • Lead student-run consultations to improve global health teaching in our curriculum (Block A, CHAP, PHPM);
  • Improve health outreach to marginalized groups in our community, including a McGill Student-Run Clinic as a flagship project;

Leila Farahdel

  • C – Communication and Compile
  • H – Harmony
  • A – Active
  • L – Leadership
  • K – Knowledge

Pouya Bandegi

  • Student awareness and involvement
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Advocacy

Vice-President Social

Vice-President Finance


Davide De Marco

  • Extensive experience in the world of Finance
  • Maximizing the use of MSS funds
  • Working towards a balanced and transparent budget

Vice-President Education


Maxim Bastarache

  • Extensive leadership experience with student associations at McGill
  • Good knowledge of the MSS Medical Education Committee as your current Student Assessment Committee representative

Vice-President Information Technology


Ali Salimi

  • Finalizing development of Thrill 2.0
  • Mobile charging station @ Annex
  • Upgrading the multimedia system @ Annex

Vice-President Wellness


Siwen Jin

  • Foodora Groupie
  • Athlete in Becoming
  • Live, Laugh, Love

Vice-President Internal


Annie Chabot

  • Organized
  • Creative
  • Dedicated

SSMU Representative


André Lametti

  • Unlike Osler’s empty chair, I can answer emails
  • Also unlike Osler’s empty chair, I won’t just sit around
  • A chair can’t stand up for you like I will.

Executive Vice-President and Corporate Affairs


Amanda Marino

  • Reduce the cost of events
  • Provide more support for clerks
  • Secure sponsorships for textbooks and other medical equipment

Eunice You

  • MSS Clinical Skills Training & Assessment Room (CSTAR)
  • Sponsored lockers on the first floor of McIntyre
  • Reduce CaRMs and electives costs

Vice-President Student Space


Wayne Lok Ok Choo

  • Install the first MSS Wellness Station (coffee, tea + snacks) in the Medical Student Lounge, next to Martin
  • Organize “BBQs Chez Meredith” at the Annex
  • I am single.

Charlotte Rosen

  • Wellness: Introduce regular wellness activities at the Annex following the positive feedback from Wellness Week
  • Chez Meredith: Expand by adding food and gluten-free drinks
  • Social: Introduce new activities at the Annex including movie and board game nights

Vice-President External Canada


Ghassen Soufi

  • I will ensure the transparent and efficient representation of our student body.
  • I will work to facilitate the dynamic exchange of projects and activities between our students and other universities’.

James Mattina

  • Experience as a student representative and liaison as past VP External of the McGill Neuroscience Program
  • Proposals for next year include pairing students to McGill alumni and newly-matched students (one-on-one), and continuation of “Caffeinate a Resident”

Vice-President External Quebec


Juliette Lemieux-Forget

  • Genuine interest for local and provincial politics
  • Experience in furthering student positions
  • Approachable and open to new ideas

Ziyu Xiao

  • Advocate for Student Wellness
  • Lobby for sensible Regional Plan for Medical Staffing (PREM)
  • Increase Representation of McGill within the FMEQ

Eloise Passarella

  • Experience in student leadership and assisting student involvement
  • Open-minded and approachable
  • Creative ideas to increase student participation in FMEQ

Medicine Senator

Ahmer Wali

  • Experience in Senate Subcommittees
  • Providing a voice for medical students on the Senate
  • Promote campus wide, cross faculty initiatives

Med-2 Class President


Jarred Slimovitch

  • Facilitating Communication
  • Increasing Mental Health Initiatives
  • Increasing Transparency

Kimberly Wong

  • Pillars: Transparency, Feedback and Wellness
  • Collaborative initiatives, such as academic committees and feedback circles
  • 9 years of student leadership experience

Med-2 Class Treasurer


Catherine Spenard

  • Energy & Motivation
  • More Info about Financial Aid
  • Food & Treats <3

Kenza Rahmouni El-Idrissi

  • Online platform accessible to all students to allow for more transparency regarding the Council’s incomes and expenses.
  • Budget planner for you to expect the expenses regarding social and academic events to come.

Jennifer Mitchell

  • Experience: to secure sponsorships and outside funding, as well as managing class finances
  • Communicator: expect quick turnaround time to questions and feedback
  • Coffee & Ice Cream Love

Med 2 Class Representative


Anne Yin & Karmin Yu

  • Inclusive – we love people
  • Fun/Funny – we laugh at each other’s jokes (sometimes)
  • Cute – at least our moms think so

Med-3 Class President

Brian Tran

  • This year has been a blast – let’s make Med-3 just as much fun!
  • Please take a look at my platform!
  • Feel free to contact me if you have any questions/concerns/comments!

Med-3 Class Treasurer

Med 3 Class Representative

Med-4 Class President

Med-4 Class Treasurer

Med 4 Class Representative