Are you looking to grow your church or ministry or perhaps find more effective ways to amplify your message?

As America’s #1 Christian television network, TBN is now offering the exciting opportunity to advertise your church or ministry on your local TBN channel.

Whether it be promoting services times, upcoming series, special outreach events or even your ministry website, partnering with TBN will allow you to reach a broader, responsive audience like never before.

Expand the reach of your church or ministry within your community today!

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TBN Local has a limited opportunity to air 4 local programs each week on Saturdays. This is a great opportunity to get your church service broadcast to your city. If you are interested, please click the link below and give us your information in order for one of our TBN Local Sales persons to get back to you. We look forward to discussing this more and partnering with you to spread the Gospel in your area.

Please provide your name, email address and phone and one of our team members will contact you right away.

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    Are you ready to spread the message of your local ministry or church but do not know how? Allow TBN to help. We have media experts ready to assist you in creating a spot that will get the message of your church, ministry, or business to your local community. They can help you with all elements of your spots from script to edit. So, get in touch with them today and begin reaching those near to you with the good news.

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