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Our pledge is simple, we are happy to be of service in any way possible during this difficult time for your family and are available for assistance 24 hours a day.

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About us

In the late 1960’s myself, and my immediate family left the former Soviet Union and immigrated to Canada to start a better life. Luckily, through hard work and dedication, we prospered!

Since many of my extended family members have also since left and moved to various countries around the world, it became impossible to keep track of them all. As many of them grew older, and passed away, it was nearly to find out the important dates, such as the unveilings.

That is why I created unveilings.info; this website will become a worldwide registry for unveiling dates. Anyone can go to our website, on any device with internet capabilities, and find out the date of the unveiling for their late friend or family member without having to receive the information personally. This will take some of the stress and anxiety off the mourners. They will simply have to upload the information, and send a link, or, as many do, it can simply be a website to frequent on their own time.

I hope you find that this website is as useful as myself, and my family do.


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